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What, Why and How

Mine Digital is your gateway to the world of cryptocurrency & digital assets. Mine represents the intersection of blockchain, technology and cryptocurrencies with traditional financial market knowledge. In August 2019, Mine was accepted as a Member Firm of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange across all classes of Securities. This strategic partnership with a world leading digital security exchange further enhances Mines’ capability.

We are constantly refining our platform and expanding our product offering to ensure your digital and cryptocurrency investment and trading needs are met. The Mine team applies its accumulated knowledge and expertise to deliver value to our clients.

Mine Digital is a digital asset exchange and brokerage firm. The exchange business aims to be one of the leading crypto-fiat exchanges in the APAC region and is developing a variety of derivative markets for both retail and wholesale investors. 

Mine Digital’s brokerage arm leverages off the experience of its team to provide tailored advice and access to idiosyncratic investment opportunities. The firm is based in Sydney and Brisbane and is an AUSTRAC compliant and registered digital currency exchange. 

Mine believes that ever-changing market and regulatory regimes present opportunities. Mine’s “tabula rasa” approach grants the flexibility to pursue opportunity without preconceived biases. The principals of Mine meld economic fundamentals with real-world risk-taking experience enhanced by quantitative insight.

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