Bitcoin Price and Trading Report: November 6th - Mine Digital

Bitcoin Price and Trading Report: November 6th

November 6, 2020 • 
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bitcoin price
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Bitcoin price has exploded overnight in an enormous move above the high of 2019 and eyeing off all time highs. The asset is beginning maturation into an institutional asset.

Morning Traders,

There is a quote from Warren Buffet and/or Charlie Munger that goes something along the lines of ‘The big money is not in the buying and selling but in the waiting’. Or, I AM HODLING.

These are warning words against too much buying and selling as opposed to sitting tight in positions and waiting for the reasons why you purchased an asset to mature in the market.

Bitcoin is an especially tricky asset to HODL because of its volatility. It is also difficult to remain agnostic on an asset you are trading that you really believe in, and this can play on your emotions.

Traders who missed the long or have been stopped out short several times have a difficult time here, where HODLING looks viable if you are way onside, but the technical move has been completed around these levels.


Bitcoin has become a rocketship, eyeing all time highs and it could be the spot to consider trimming a l

Bitcoin last traded at $15,595

24 hr high: $ 15,604

24 hr low: $ 14,110

Bitcoin USD Chart

Bitcoin Trade

The asset is still very difficult to trade at current levels. The next stop is all-time highs but the volatility on the long will be very dangerous.


Eth is a bit of a wildcard considering where it is v BTC as well as its positive news regarding its 2.0 release. Eth last traded at $420

24 hr high: $ 420

24 hr low: $ 396.45

Ethereum USD Chart

Digital Assets

The rest of the digital asset space has got the message overnight, with some strong moves in the mix.

AssetCodePrice (USD)24hr Change (%)VolumeMarket Capitalisation
Curve Finance$CRV0.3621214.9674623,130,351.00$38,812,905.00
Kyber Network$KNC0.7425635.4040319,093,124.00$146,860,326.00
mStable USD$mUSD10.52235585,800.00$37,125,936.00
Reserve Rights$RSR0.011849916.996563,292,255.00$110,770,543.00
Universal Market Access$UMA6.752.1258513,729,316.00$375,080,792.00$YFI8459.70.86489464,259,994.00$251,774,575.00

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