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Eth Goes Beast, Bull-Run Continues

August 14, 2020 • 
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Ethereum traded upto 10% higher overnight as alt-coins continue to stage impressive rallies. Last time, Eth was the last to catch a bid before Bitcoin.

Morning Traders,

The most notable move overnight was in Ethereum, which is extending its gains. After originally noting that it was trading as if overbought, the asset had outperformed Bitcoin yesterday and was bid overnight. Uncannily, as it were.

Equities in traditional markets did very little, stumbling around in the dark while gold staged a comeback.

After the dollar had also been bid courageously from a double-bottom it has also shown significant weakness. So after earlier wondering if we would see a resumption of recent trends later in the year, it may also be the case that a more dramatic act is about to begin – if the USD approaches its low again all bets are off across the board. (This is a figure of speech, all bets are on and doubled if it goes through the low)


Bitcoin is still refusing to do anything, despite a good likelihood of eventually being proven at being the single best and most important asset institutional porfolios should be adding. It may be that nobody wants to be the fool losing on Bitcoin and are tiptoeing into it. With Ethereum making a strong move, eyes will be on Bitcoin to do something similar.

Bitcoin last traded at $11,780

24 hr high: $ 11,800

24 hr low: $ 11,270

Bitcoin USD Chart


Eth has been the star performer overnight, trading as high as $431.70

Last traded at $424.

24 hr high: $ 431.70

24 hr low: $ 375

Ethereum USD Chart

Digital Assets

Selected tokens have performed very well overnight again, with Reserve Rights higher by 18%, Algorand on a tear at 30% but Ren, Compound, Synthetix lower by smalls.

  • Aave: $ 0.428
  • Algorand: $ 0.646
  • Cardano: $ 0.142
  • Chainlink: $ 17.31
  • Compound: $ 205
  • Maker: $ 792
  • Ren: $ 0.277
  • Reserve Rights: $ 0.137
  • Stellar: $ 0.103
  • Synthetix: $ 5.14
  • Tezos: $ 4.17

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