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Bitcoin Moves Markets

September 1, 2020 • 
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With the VIX diverging from S&P500 price action, gold and bitcoin holding up and USD dropping, moves may be imminent in the first half of September.

Morning Traders,

Volatility is creeping into traditional markets at the same time as the S&P500 having hit a key level. Additionally, the U.S. dollar index may have given up its idea of staging a counter-trend and gold rebounded well from the low (and silver trading higher overnight (now eased but trending higher).

BTC is doing something similar to gold, where it looks like it is in a holding pattern, but both assets look bullish.

The combination of equities hitting a key level, gold and bitcoin looking primed, volatility index increasing, record enthusiasm at record prices and the state of affairs means that we might see some moves the next 2 weeks. At a guess, we think equities lower, gold and bitcoin significantly higher, and the dollar index making the break it has been threatening to do.

Of course, we had been waiting for this for a couple of months and have been behind the market on it, but the USD does now look like it has stopped its sideways action and failed counter-trend.


Bitcoin has recovered mildly from its low, taking the edge out of its bearishness. With the USD moves, it is a real candidate to make a serious move when USD begins to trade decisively lower. BTC last traded at $11,695.

24 hr high: $ 11,778

24 hr low: $ 11,570



Eth has been outperforming BTC of late and really looks like it wants to go a lot higher.

24 hr high: $ 439

24 hr low: $ 418

Ethereum USD Chart

Digital Assets

We have seen some good moves in assets overnight, with promising bids amongst some of the usual places.

AssetCodePrice (USD)24hr Change (%)VolumeMarket Capitalisation
Curve Finance$CRV4.0512.75732128228113104081756
Kyber Network$KNC1.826.95067103368798358427737
mStable USD$mUSD1-0.10816788712336059027
Reserve Rights$RSR0.027977153.9777553849587189973660
Universal Market Access$UMA22.6244.21637667559201249917252$YFI344554.262247210017581053686214

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