BTC Halving Competition - Mine Digital

What will be the Bitcoin price at the time of halving? Mine Digital's Bitcoin giveaway.

The first exact guess wins $1000 USD in BTC and closest wins $100 USD in BTC

Competition Closed

Miners¬† produced the 630,000th block at 19:23 UTC on May 11, which triggered the programmed halving event, marking another milestone in the Bitcoin’s 11-year history.

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. We will review the entries and notify the winner/s accordingly.

The Bitcoin halving is fast approaching and the data shows that we have a bull market incoming. To celebrate, complete the form on this page and submit your answer up to 24 hours prior to the halving (11th of May).

Terms & Conditions

  • Entries to the competition will close 24 hours before the 12th of May.
  • To receive the $1000 USD in BTC you must guess the exact dollar value at the time of halving.
  • Only one (1) guess per entry, your first guess will be the one counted.
  • The guess closest to the Bitcoin price at the time of halving will win $100 USD in BTC
  • In the case of a tie both winners will win
  • Your guess must be in $USD
  • You must open and KYC an account with
  • The winner of the competition will have the winnings deposited to their exchange wallet.

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