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The Rabble

The Seriousness of De-Centralised Finance

Although many of us are tied to the success of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and tangentially de-centralised finance, the necessity of De-Centralised Finance and the will towards creating it is overlooked and undersold to the wider public, especially for those already operating in the functioning systems, the antiquated Commonwealth Bank of Australia and voracious Goldman Sachs.

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The Rabble

Why Bitcoin Is Not Failing

Recent price movements in Bitcoin have brought out the negative headlines with the usual suspects such as Peter Schiff, who believes he is taking a lap of honour and Nouriel Roubini, the eminent professor who has chosen blockchain – the system he believes is fraudulent and will ultimately fail – as the subject matter of his pinned tweet on Twitter.

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Introduction to Trading

Chapter 5: Common misunderstandings and helpful tips for retail traders.

What is core to trader’s success?

A desire to be humble and submit to the markets. No one can outsmart markets, nor do they always make money. But if
you know when to take your profits and remain calm during times when positions
go against you, you will gain experience of how to wear losses and this makes
the profits even sweeter.

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