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Code of Conduct

The Australian Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct is a voluntary scheme that establishes externally auditable best practice standards for businesses operating in the Australian Digital Currency industry.

The Code of Conduct is administered by Blockchain Australia and is available for adoption by businesses operating in Australia that provide or facilitate the:

  • purchase or sale of a Digital Currency;
  • purchase or sale of a fiat currency in connection with a Digital Currency; or
  • storage of a Digital Currency.

The Code of Conduct establishes Best Practice Standards covering:

  • reputation and general business conduct;
  • consumer protection; and,
  • AML/CTF obligations.

Blockchain Australia Certification means that the participating Digital Currency Business has been assessed to have business processes, systems and policies in place that will ensure consistent compliance with the Code of Conduct, including the Best Practice Standards. Compliance with the Code of Conduct is independently reviewed every two years by a Blockchain Australia approved external auditor and self-certified every other

Mine Digital is a member of Blockchain Australia and has held Blockchain Australia Certification under this Code of Conduct since August 2019.

The full text of the Australian Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct is available here.

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