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Another win for New Zealand

A strategic collaboration to bring a secure on-ramp for the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) into liquid Bitcoin markets.

Mine Digital is delighted to make public our working relationship with New Zealand’s most successful Bitcoin broker, ‘Easy Crypto.’  Since the much publicised downfall of Cryptopia, New Zealand has been without a world-class exchange that both accepts NZD and also provides custodial security and deep liquidity.

Easy Crypto was built to answer the rapidly growing demand of New Zealanders wanting to swiftly, easily and safely buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP.

Other platforms across NZ have been known for low volumes, and poor customer support where regards to transactions times in and out of exchange.

With this in mind, Mine Digital is very excited to announce that we will be accepting a NZD on-ramp, and NZD/BTC pairing on the exchange.  

CEO of Easy Crypto Janine Grainger had this to say about the collaboration;

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Mine Digital to bring our customers a world-class crypto exchange, with global liquidity. Access to NZD-BTC trading and same day deposits and withdrawals from an international exchange is a big step forward for crypto investors in New Zealand.”

Both teams are looking to explore further pairings and listings in the future.

Sign up to Easy Crypto today and in the meantime check out Grant Colthup (Mine Digital, CEO) and Janine Grainger (Easy Crypto, CEO) having a chat about cryptocurrency in New Zealand and the partnership.

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