Cryptocurrency Trading Tips with Satoshi Nakamoto
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New Years Resolutions with Satoshi Nakamoto: Cryptocurrency Trading Tips

December 30, 2020 • 
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Cryptocurrency Trading Tips
As part of our 2021 prognostications Matt, Duncan and I whipped out the Ouija board Jan 1 to summon the great spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto

The new year is upon us and we’re going to talk about New Years Resolutions and in particular Cryptocurrency trading tips for 2021. After the complete shitstorm that was 2020 there have been a few lights at the end of the tunnel in the world of Cryptocurrency and we hope the gains continue in 2021.

We reached out to the Godfather of the Blockchain to get some words of advice regarding hot tips on making mad gains trading Cryptocurrency and this is what the man, myth, and the legend had to say.

1. Follow the 10 Commandments of Trading

Rules are made to be broken but life is complicated, dynamic, subjective, and situational. So, we need some divinely inspired instruction. Mine Digital went up the mountain to talk to Jesse Livermore (legendary 1920s trader) so you didn’t have to – find our 10 commandments of trading here.

2. Concentrate on a Few Important Things, Instead of the Many Unimportant Things

The rate of change is fast but is increasing quickly as well! We are overwhelmed with information and data, with too many options; eventually, we are not giving some important things enough respect. This year, we are developing our strengths as leaders in what we do well and not being sidetracked outside of that. As part of our commitment to the community and being connected with others we solve the big problems together and don’t miss any details.

At Mine, this means developing our platform – delivering new projects and offerings that will benefit the whole space. We believe that our financial services backgrounds make us the best people to deal with for your digital asset needs. So watch this space.

3. Strengthen the Community to Strengthen Yourself

Referenced in the last resolution, this year we are looking to empower the community by maximizing what we have to offer so that others can do the same.

For Mine Digital, this means that we continue to talk to the crypto community, visiting meet-ups, going to conferences, building new relationships and seeing what we can give.

Also if you want to talk cryptocurrency trading and projects jump on the Mine Digital Discord server.

4. Go to the Jim More Often

Jim Rogers and other legends of trading have stacks of old wisdom in financial markets. This year we should look for how to implement the old wisdom into our decision making more often as the crypto markets become less wildly speculative and begin to take more form. A long process but one that begins in 2020.

5. Stress Less

This year we are taking more time out to live a more balanced life. You might like meditation, spending time with the kids or Ayahuasca holidays to South America (If allowed to leave the country). Whatever it is, the time is now.

6. Try new things

Sure trading is cool, but have you heard of decentralised finance (DeFi)? Arguably the catalyst to this current bull run. There are a multitude of things you can do with DeFi including yield farming, borrowing/lending platforms, and much more. But at the end of this day, this exciting new use case for Blockchain opens up endles doors and ways to make money with Cryptocurrency.

7. Spend More Time on Social Media

The Mine Digital twitter tag is here, our Facebook page, LinkedIn and our medium page is here Get around it!

8. Get Over Your Ex

You’ve got over your grudge, but have existing attachments! Been married to a shitcoin in 2019? Somebody whisper sweet nothings in your ear about x10 bags and you can’t unhear it? Had your pants pulled down by a well-oiled scam machine? In 2020 it’s time to leave the past in the past.

9. Start Writing a Journal

A trading journal – record your ups and downs, things that worked and didn’t work. You will notice that your mistakes fall into common baskets of mistakes that are well known and talked about amongst other people. From that point you can start to fix them. Start writing a journal!

10. There is no 10!

Break out of your predictable structure and do something different for the sake of it! 2020 is about being dynamic and making new realities.

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