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Mining Store and Mine Digital Partnership

April 16, 2020 • 
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Two of Australia’s biggest players in crypto

Mine Digital and Mining Store have formed a strategic relationship to better connect and simplify the many offerings in the Australian digital assets landscape.

Mine Digital is the lowest fiat to crypto on-ramp in the world, and Mining Store is the largest hardware retailer of crypto mining equipment in the southern hemisphere, which means the businesses are complementary and the cross-over is intuitive.

In addition, Mining Store has developed an established Discord community, which is welcoming, and engaged. This platform gives both communities the ability to overlap and share insights on the industry in a public forum. We encourage all members of our community to join the Mining Store Discord.

*See the end of the article for a free 7-day trial to the Mining Store Discord

Callum Cameron of Mining Store

Through his interests in computer hardware Cal spent both 2017 & 2018 building, developing & tweaking mining hardware & software. In 2017 Cal founded Mining Store with William Wright which has since grown to be Australia’s largest provider of crypto mining hardware & one of Australia’s fastest growing hot spots for education.

Whilst completing his studies in Commerce, Cal worked at both a stockbroking firm & accounting firm. Graduating from Deakin, majoring in Finance, Cal graduated with a Distinction average. Whilst working in the industries listed above, the need for innovation in these sectors became prevalent to Cal. Although both industries very established, many day-to-day tasks & jobs use both outdated & obsolete practices & software. Blockchain technology was the answer.

Since this early introduction to cryptocurrency, Cal and his Mining Store co-founder, William Wright have gone from strength to strength, building robust crypto and trading communities that include, ‘Blockchain Kings’, ‘Forex Kings’ and of course their main business, the full service Mining Store website,

William Wright of Mining Store

Will’s interest in the crypto industry began with a very practical experience. Working in Foreign Exchange trading, he was aware of the processes and complications of sending money overseas, especially in the context of relatively small amounts.

After an experience using the Ripple token in 2017, XRP, Will had a practical experience in which he could immediately see the superiority of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in being able to perform these remittance type transactions outside of the traditional financial system.

This experience sparked a curiosity in the cryptocurrency space where the philosophies of decentralisation and trust-less transactions made enough of an impact that he knew that he needed to get involved with the industry. While building his business, Will also completed a Bachelor of Economics and Finance, majoring in Applied Economics at RMIT University and earning a Distinction average.

Will Wright (Left) and Callum Cameron (Right)

Mining Store

Mining Store is predominantly a crypto mining hardware supplier offering Australia’s most well-developed expertise in crypto mining. Mining Store offer mining rigs with remote operation in jurisdictions with highly competitive energy costs (These rates can be up to 4x cheaper than the average Australian household), as well as delivering hardware directly to customers in Australia and overseas.

With extensive experience of their own, Will and Cal had been mining Bitcoin on & off since 2013 before founding the company in 2017 to share their experience with the public. As well as offering GPU, ASIC and FPGA mining rigs, the team offers a wide range of sophisticated services in mining equipment from allowing clients to outsource remote, low energy cost basis crypto mining and offering full-sized shipping containers capable of the regional deployment of crypto mining operations, amongst many others. The guys are dynamic and driven to provide mining solutions for clients.

But mining is only a portion of what the team do in the space.

The Mining Store team has been instrumental in supporting local cryptocurrency projects in Australia with great relationships with fellow Melbourne based crypto business, Loki. When the Loki project launched their service nodes, Mining Store supported the network immensely by hosting over 30% of the nodes in the first 2 weeks. Mining Store offered hosting services to anyone globally by taking care of the entire process from A-Z, all with clients never parting with their funds! With a highly developed sense of entrepreneurial spirit the guys commit to their Mining Store, Blockchain King and Forex Kings communities, where they share their trading, mining and crypto expertise with their clients.

The team have built an incredible business in a short space of time and provide strong leadership to the crypto community in their areas of expertise.

Mining Store x Mine Digital

Mining Store and Mine Digital have partnered to add Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and world’s cheapest fiat onramp to the investment, trading and cryptocurrency services offered by Mining Store.

Both teams are excited to develop the cryptocurrency industry in Australia and welcome your enquiries into their respective services.

Click HERE for a free 7-day trial to the Mining Store Discord (Password: free7 )

For more information on Mining Store click Here.
For more information on Mine Digital Click Here.

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