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All Hail The New King

July 9, 2020 • 
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$1 doge, TikTok and Robinhood… a story about irrationality and peasants.

Here it is, the 18th edition of The FUD, where I talk about the biggest FUD of the week. I help clarify events that crypto twitter decides to escalate. Leggo.

This week we have a new king, well not really, more of a comeback, Dogecoin. Drama with Ghislaine Maxwell, Kanye for President… Let’s get into it.

DOGE… the king is back to announce a bull run. 

To be honest, as someone who has traded crypto since the early days’ Doge is no joke. Yes, it started as one, but it is no longer one, it. is a true vision of decentralization. It also happens to ALWAYS lead a bull run. 

It’s starting to feel like early 2017. Kids are just shilling this hard, they are convinced this is going to $1. Mind you should that happen doge will take over Bitcoin. But hey this is the fomo we need, just a spark to get the launch initiated, get the bulls confident, we’ll do the rest. 

To anyone that thought I was stupid for buying doge and accumulating, i sympathize with your poverty.

Too Big to Fail

Talking about children… did I cross a line? people are too sensitive nowadays, get over yourself.

Anyway, guess they won’t let her testify…

The Memes around this are great, but I think we forget that it’s sad how corrupt our system is, but you know what, it should inspire you to become someone great, because the law does not apply to you, become too big to fail and do as you please.


Everyone is running for president

While we talking about sexual pred…never mind scratch that.

So, Brock is running for president, looks like that $4 Billion scam they ran is running outta steam. time for. a new venture, why not POTUS.. I mean if Trump can do it, anyone can right?

In more important news, Kanye is running for president too, looks like Kanye2020 wasn’t a joke. 

Meet your future president

Don’t do drugs kids.

I mean doge is fine… but that xrp/bsv shit will permanently mess you up. 

Tron trying DeFi. lol

Justin felt left out, so he had to try become relevant. He announced DeFi on Tron. 

He got laughed out of the room. So he did the next best thing after seeing Doge’s success. 

If you still believe in Tron you deserve to lose your money. 

The Trade

I won’t post a. chart, rather an interesting poll Cointelegraph did on crypto twitter.

I surprised…

If you want to make money watch Alts, we are on the verge of a bull run, find coins, jump in, don’t jump put too early, and never FOMO. 

Hope you all enjoyed the update, follow me @TheBitcoinaire and @MineDigital on twitter and medium to stay updated on The FUD and Whisky & Wicks. For the best rates in Australia guaranteed use Mine Digital. Mine Digital also has insured custody so don’t worry about your funds.

Please note this is not intended as financial advice. Always do your own research. The writer holds (and is biased towards) Bitcoin. The writer’s thoughts are his own and do not reflect those of Mine Digital.

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