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Bitcoin – The New Stable Coin

July 1, 2020 • 
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A new market paradigm emerges while DeFi gets hacked and tons of Gold get faked

Here it is, the 17th edition of The FUD, where I talk about the biggest FUD of the week. I help clarify events that crypto twitter decides to escalate. Leggo.

This week we have Ken and Karen stealing all the attention with that #relationship goals ride or die shit. Meanwhile, DeFi Hack, Fake Gold, and another bankruptcy results in moon. Let’s get into it.

Ken & Karen… Ride or Die, much admiration.

To be honest, I truly hope one day I meet the right person to share my life with, and this is exactly how. I would expect her to behave. Just cause we rich, don’t mean we not ready to die for our own. After all, if. you. wont die for it, you. don’t deserve it. 

Still though, loving the. trolling, and this takes the cake.


DeFi Hack — $500k drained from Balancer

Last week we spoke about how. trading is passe and yield farming is the future. Honestly, I thought it. would take longer for the first hack, I also thought it would be much bigger than a. top of the line G63 AMG.

I guess just like simple DeFi farmers, working real tough jobs for an honest day’s work, DeFi hackers are also simple people with simple. needs. 

Craig Faketoshi Wright — The Con Man

So after all this back and forth, and all the BS he made us go through waiting for those imaginary keys he found a way to get himself out of it all, escape all accountability for his actions.

Apparently the only person who is not Satoshi has Autism. I mean we all knew he was on the spectrum, but what does that have to do with the keys? 

The World Is Changing — We need the Citadels NOW

People have lost it and I just don’t get it, listen I’m all for equality, and appreciating that. every person is beautiful. However, it is simply unfair, to claim that models should not be the standard. 

Hear me out here, these people dedicate their lives to their aesthetic, do you not think it’s fair they. are rewarded for all the effort, all that time you were watching Netflix ordering uber eats these ladies were at the gym maintaining that so-called beauty. 

if your unclear… on which is which, stop reading my piece, I do not want you as a follower

No, I don’t care what you want to tell me. Listen, I focus on my career so I have a strong network of business contacts and am financially successful, this is because I dedicated my life to this, I’m not fit, I don’t. have abs, I’m sure I have. inner beauty but that other dude that spent his life at the gym has outer beauty, a perfect specimen, you cannot tell me we are the same, no, we are not, he is visually appealing, lucky for me when talking about males finding a partner my money goes a longer way than his abs but still… Stop with this unnecessary political correctness, it’s really getting out of hands. 

Talking about Beuty, CT’s newest queen.

I will simp and simp till I can no longer simp. Her beauty is beyond what is humanly imaginable, I see her my heart flutters.

Honestly last time we met Nekoz looked very different, I may have been drunk.

CT’s newest thirst trap has me hooked. 

The Convex way to play DeFi

CT’s financial genius, the prodigy that most don’t know, you do you but this guy trades your net worth when bored. 

Anyway according to him mStable is the ultimate play in DeFi. You can listen to your friends or the animals on CT, OR listen to a financial whiz kid, a trading extraordinaire, take the alpha when he throws it. 

Also, just a PSA, mStable is pretty legit, the leadership team alone gets them a blind vouch from me, if anyone going to do it, it will be them.

Wirecard Shutdown

I’ll just leave this here….

Bankruptcy – the new announcement of the announcement

1984, George Orwell Was Right

ZeroHedge coming through with the goods. 

Say goodbye to your freedom, mark my words you will all be chipped in the next decade tops.

Again.. can we please start building these Citadels I was promised.

Think Bitcoin is a Scam

Good luck faking Bitcoin. Enjoy this indivisible, heavy, clunky, shiny piece of metal that you believe is the real currency. I hold physical gold, I am heavy in physical gold, but seriously, scams exist in every single market with no exceptions. If there. is money there is an incentive for bad actors to take it. 

The New Maket Padagrim

Tom drops some mind-wobbling facts, and when you look deeper, this could get interesting.  Highly recommend you go through the thread.

Essentially Tom has discovered that the markets after becoming rational, while not apparent to the uneducated eye, these market actions indicate one thing, assets are being priced in gold, ie real money.

Let that sink in, when S&P goes up it’s your money being worthless, I guess what we’ve been saying for years is happening, time for a financial revolution.

Yezzy X Gap

Kanye signs with Gap.

Kanye gets cancelled.

The Trade

If you are still looking for a trade, you clearly have not been listening to Whisky and Wicks, the insane amount of knowledge we have shared last 2 weeks has been golden, I should be charging you for this. BUT I’m not, so at the very least give me some clout for my efforts, even a follow makes me feel that what I’m delivering is worth it. 

Yes, I need your validation people. You are all that I have left. 

Looking at Bitcoin, it’s a no-trade zone, shorts should have opened at 9500 and longs at 8500, Ideally its 10,500 short and 7,500 long. This space we are in now, this range, is a no-trade zone. Unless you are scalping, the RR here is just stupid, find something else to trade or just be patient, the moment for the perfect mega long will come, make sure you dont blow your account before then so you can catch that moon mission to 12k/14k.

These are all the possible outcomes for $BTC over the next few weeks..

BUT if you really insist on getting into a low RR trade, just because our an inpatient, undisciplined, degen, that loves donating money to the markets, a short is what I would play. Triple top, no volume, weekend coming with even less volume. S&P looking good, so that could be a bullish sign, but the majority of all indicators showing bearish, even the Bart Simpson Formation is appearing and is looking on point. Im ready to 2x my bag.

If Bitcoin stays stable, Alts will have a run so keep your eyes open. Moonbags I’m watching: $LINK $REN $RSR and I hate to admit it but $ETH, the same way ETH fueled the ICO run, it fuels DeFi. I’m still watching these and accumulating bags, If your not you should be. BUT be careful, if bitcoin decided to fall off a cliff, your rekt, make sure you have the capital to buy those dips, as you may never get an opportunity to join the leagues of the crypto elites and the OG’s like this again. Don’t end up cleaning my Citadel.

Hope you all enjoyed the update, follow me @TheBitcoinaire and @MineDigital on twitter and medium to stay updated on The FUD and Whisky & Wicks. For the best rates in Australia guaranteed use Mine Digital’s cryptocurrency exchange. Mine Digital also has insured custody so don’t worry about your funds.

Please note this is not intended as financial advice. Always do your own research. The writer holds (and is biased towards) Bitcoin. The writer’s thoughts are his own and do not reflect those of Mine Digital.

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