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Yolonomics: DeFi is here

August 27, 2020 • 
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DeFi is here: Yolonomics

The rise and rise of a new science, yolonomics and pumpementals.

Here it is, the 25th edition of The FUD, where I talk about the biggest FUD of the week. I help clarify events that crypto twitter decides to escalate. Leggo.

This week we had Bitcoin Maxi’s getting into an eth fundraise, while degen finance is growing thanks to pumpementals and yolonomics.

The Fall of Maxi’s

Bitcoin Maxi’s do not mess with shitcoins, sometimes I think rightfully so, however we have seen many cross over to the darkside tempted by financial gain.

There is a solid argument stating bitcoin maxi’s encourage maxi behavior to pump their bags, hard to argue when you see them promote an ICO.

At the end of the day we can all act like we fundamentally want the world to be a better place, but greed is the downfall of man.

Sometimes I wonder, remember when crypto was about banking the unbanked?

The Holy Grail of Degen Finance

Tendies, the holy grail of degen finance is making waves. The team is hard at work to drop the Mommy DAO and to initiate the farming of Good Boy Points.

Tendies in essence is the supreme asset within degen finance, you are not part of this movement if you are not in. With GBP farming coming out soon this will be a great incentive to get involved.

You need to remember the value of scarcity, beyond that the mommy dao will give full control to the community, allowing us governance over how the network runs.

Remember when $DOGE and $LINK where just memes. With more and more daily support and tech updates, what are you waiting for? Get involved now before you fomo in at $5.


Remember YFI and how you missed that?

Well here is your chance, introducing, Based.money

The greatest monetary experiment of our lifetime.

Are you tired of being a virgin beta? do you want be a chad? Do you want a girlfriend? Do you want infinite wealth? Look no further.

Don’t understand rebases, you don’t need to, get based.money and get based.

IMF Shills

In a twist of events, we had the Internationally Monetary Fund, shill crypto.

XRP Army got excited for this one.

From day 1 we told you, eventually they will all get into crypto, its not a matter of if, rather when. We are still early so get in before it’s too late.

The Trade

We saw a mini correction and everything is back up.

Buy coins that have not pumped is still key but getting harder to find, it seems the best plays right now are those surrounding the polkadot ecosystem.

Dips are for buying, don’t get cucked.

There is a lot of alpha in that tweet, don’t be scared, get in before it’s common knowledge, take a chance, it’s part of the fun.

Hope you all enjoyed the update, follow me @TheBitcoinaire and @MineDigital on twitter and medium to stay updated on The FUD and Whisky & Wicks. For the best rates in Australia guaranteed use Mine Digital. Mine Digital also has insured custody so don’t worry about your funds.

Please note this is not intended as financial advice. Always do your own research. The writer holds (and is biased towards) Bitcoin. The writer’s thoughts are his own and do not reflect those of Mine Digital.

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