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The cure for Kool-Aid drinkers

March 13, 2020 • 
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The cure for Kool-Aid drinkers

Thank god its Friday, here is the third edition of the weekly FUD, where we talk about the biggest FUD of the week. We help clarify events that crypto twitter decides to escalate.

I will be honest just because I do not want to begin my relationship with the readers lying. This edition is pretty light, with all the Corona Virus stuff crypto twitter has become medical twitter. All so-called influencers are now disease experts so there is very little crypto news circulating.

CZ breaks up with Justin?!

Last week the highlight of all crypto drama was Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, colluding with his friends, Huobi and Binance, to attack Steem.

Well, apparently that was no the case, Justin misled his friends with dishonesty, CZ claims he thought this was a routine upgrade, was not aware of any attack and was simply taken for a ride. He rectified his error and withdrew his vote. He also made a passive-aggressive comment denying his relationship with Sun, he claimed they are just industry participants who know each other and have spoken just a couple of times, he took the chance to throw in a jab stating “transparency is important” *clears throat* eh–Justin-mmmm.

Okay, so I want to believe CZ, at the end of the day, the narrative that Justin abused his relationships and deceived his friends is very fitting of his character. However, I do have a major concern here; CZ is one of the highest-profile people in crypto running the biggest firm in the space.

How does he not know what he is doing? How does he not understand DPOS governance?

Just recently Binance got hacked and CZ asked why not roll back the chain. Now, this. I seriously think CZ needs to spend some time educating himself on crypto, it is very nerve-wracking that the largest exchange CEO lacks essential knowledge. Mark Karpeles anyone?

The real Ethereum Killer is here

If you have been in the space for the last year or more, you would know that every second project claims to be the Ethereum killer.

The reality is Ethereum is the only one functioning and everyone is trying to claim they are better, most of these claims are just poor marketing efforts. Ethereum had the EthLondon conference this week and I assume they tried to discuss scalability and other issues facing Ethereum.

From the conference surprisingly emerged what could be the real Ethereum Killer, Zhen Yu Yong, an attendee of the conference posted this last week;

Could he be the Ethereum Killer everyone talks about?

Seriously though the COVID19 issue is getting out of hands, and the rise of all these experts is starting to irritate me. Bitcoiners once again prove their high IQ by postponing all Bitcoin conferences till this is under control.

Ohh one more thing. Besides Bitlord, can everyone just stop acting like they know what they are talking about and go back to their crypto caves? thanks

Scammers are back!!!

Why am I excited you ask?

Well, it’s quite simple, the return of scammer means we are heading back into a bull market. This week we had 2 bottom indicators. Crypto Medication who is a so-called “crypto influencer” reached rock bottom, saying he had to shut down his group and leave. Here is the message from his private group.

It looks like he has folded.

In other news, an exit scammer Trader Choe, is attempting to make a comeback. He took to Twitter to apologize to people he had hurt, hoping for redemption.

Guys, please don’t fall for his BS. The “shit” he claims he was going through is hookers and cocaine. This is a well-known fact, he hurt many people and the industry as a whole. Reputation is one thing that once destroyed is very difficult to restore.

Crypto Birb finally reveals himself

If you trader crypto it is quite impossible that you have not heard about The Birb Nest run by Crypto Birb. He has been in the space for a while and produces quality content. Some say he is one of the better traders out there.

Well, he doxed himself, and I am pretty certain I can trace his heritage back to the Vikings.

But it doesn’t stop here, just today 2 reputable crypto twitter traders Spongeand Walter left the nest, reason? Apparently “The Birb” got greedy. This month his paid group generated a 15BTC yes, 15 BTC and he paid one of the analysts 0.15 BTC for their effort, which was 1% as opposed to the usual 5% they get. His excuse? When the pot is big he has to reduce payouts.

Listen, people, what I am trying to say here is no that these guys are scammers but paid groups are just marketing machines selling snake oil as Walter described, and his feeling of shame for being are of this is truly admirable.

Listen NOBODY knows where a chart is going to go, so if that’s what you are expecting, buy a magic 8 ball you would get similar results. If someone believes they know the future they are either crazy or lying and if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

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