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Death of DeFi: The FUD

September 17, 2020 • 
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Death of DeFi

Safe is not Safe

Here it is, the 28th edition of The FUD, where I talk about the biggest FUD of the week. I help clarify events that crypto twitter decides to escalate. Leggo.

This week SAFE gathered excitement and died real quick, based is getting based, Bitcoin is moving up and DeFi pools are just continuously growing.

Never Ending Pools

Pack it up, it’s over. Still seems t be the theme. So the bottom is near.

New pools everyday, it just doesn’t stop.

I wonder about the sustainability of all this. We are taking part of what is going to be known as the largest Ponzi in history. It’s exciting, like playing musical chairs, except if you lose, you are in financial ruin. Much more fun when you got soo much on the line.

Sushi Back?

Sushi buy back happened to negate the apparent rug pool.

While this may have seemed like a bullish thing, it just dumped.

Hard to apply fundamental analysis to things that have no fundamentals and run on yolonomics and pumpementals. Change your framework, you will see it clearer.

$BASED is Money

Based keeps rebasing and so far soo good.

With the rise in pools some are choosing to introduce based staking. This could be a game changer and help constrict supply and drive demand.

Based is money, while it looks down right now, I truly believe it is one of the only projects in DeFi to have actual fundamentals.

UNI tokens

UniSwap got jealous, so they dropped a token.

UniSwap governance token UNI was introduced today, now uniswap is congested and not working. Great work team.

Could be a good token to hold if you think uniswap will remain, or you can dump it for free usdt.

The Trade

BTC “pump” bringing down alts.

Not for long, it’s a good time to buy, we are still in a bull market, do not forget that.

Stay focused, get based.

Hope you all enjoyed the update, follow me @TheBitcoinaire and @MineDigital on twitter and medium to stay updated on The FUD and Whisky & Wicks. For the best rates in Australia guaranteed use Mine Digital. Mine Digital also has insured custody so don’t worry about your funds.

Please note this is not intended as financial advice. Always do your own research. The writer holds (and is biased towards) Bitcoin. The writer’s thoughts are his own and do not reflect those of Mine Digital.

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