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North Korea Nukes Bitcoin

April 30, 2020 • 
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Korea holds bitcoin but can't move the price. World political tensions increasing, Bitcoin is leading in gains as an asset midst all the chaos.

The halving moon pump was initiated, strictly a political dump.

Here it is, the eighth edition of The FUD, where I talk about the biggest FUD of the week. I help clarify events that crypto twitter decides to escalate. Leggo.

This week we had a lot of political talks, or at least that’s what seems prominent to me. Menwhile Bitcoin moons, alts are mooning, the ship. has launched, fomo is strong. Hope you enjoy my anti-government rant.

The Glorious Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

So in top news this week — Kim Jung Un, the democratically elected leader of the glorious People’s Republic of Korea is rumored to be suffering from major health issues.

Yes, I know, It’s not democratic, or glorious or a republic. Nevertheless, the news of his health has the crypto community in fear. Why?

Apparently, she is an OG Bitcoiner.

Well, some very smart people decided that if he dies, his sister takes over, and she will definitely sell all $670 Million worth of Bitcoin he possesses.

This thinking is both naive and misleading. If we really dig into it $670mm is not a figure that would crash the market today. We are in 2020, Today’s trading volume is almost $58b, we could easily absorb that as George says.

What bothers me is that if I make comments like that, I’m just a random tweeting from his mom’s basement but this is mainstream media. Well, I’m not surprised, the corruption and lack of care from MSM is a great segway into the systematic corruption in our own “democratically elected” governments.

Another One Bites The Dust.

More Drama in the financial world and this time in the middle east as the Lebanese Lira plummets causing basic living expenses to skyrocket. In a country of armed, hot-blooded civilians it didn’t take much for a riot to begin.

Translation: South of Lebanon, protesters are back in the streets, the riots are becoming violent and the army has fired in their direction trying to control the situation.

To be honest they have every right to, people never speak when governments print money. We were joking about the Brrrr a few weeks ago thinking this could never happen to us. The problem is when it does, it happens quick, it will be too late to react then. Printing money is literally the government stealing from your pocket. By increasing the supply of money they effectively reduce the value of your money. We should be very concerned.

Australian Government Inspired By 1948


Is this what it has come to? they want us to download a tracking app. We are meant to trust our data will be treated with respect. Says the government that does not believe in privacy laws.

Each to his own but this is how it starts. I know many of you think this is the right thing to do, but do you really trust that once we allow them to track us, and once this is over, they will simply stop? Do you think if our “democratically elected leaders” had a taste of the dictator life they would want to go back to serving us? they barley do now. It’s a slippery slope and me for one refuse to take part in this and will strongly stand against it.

While Russia Woke AF

Meanwhile, an old interview with Putin has been recirculated. This is about 2 years old.

I just find it heartwarming to hear his thoughts, How he says “Russia cannot own a cryptocurrency because for something to be a cryptocurrency one single nation cannot control it”

Sir Putin is woke AF.

I think we forget sometimes how blessed we are to be at the forefront of a financial revolution. Tap yourselves on the backs, we are the reason the financial system is getting an overhaul.

Justin Sun — boohoo


Justin Sun bought. Steem, the initiated a hostile attack using his friends.

I knew it, you cannot fight community. The beauty of this world of ours and what those traditional world wankers don’t understand is that WE, the people, have a voice. When the community speaks the leader listens, a matter of fact the best ecosystems out there have no leaders.

Justin the community is not for sale. hard to understand, I know, but free thinkers formed this industry. We do not need herders we are not sheep.

Bitcoin Recap & The Trade

This week I don’t want to just talk Bitcoin, but let’s talk about the trade.

Firstly we called Doge last week. I personally love Doge. Fundamentally I love the coin, it is a true exhibition of Decentralisation. The creator has no control over the coin, not even code maintenance, the community runs it all. Believe it or not many OG’s hold big Doge bags, that’s how it’s always been. Doge has been ready to pop, volume increasing, all indicators bullish. No brainer

TO be honest with Bitcoin going bullish, major Alts always follow. I took the liberty of leverage longing most Alts. No Technicals, just playing the cycle, and that’s what I recommend you all look into. Fact is Alts will take a hit until Bitcoin finds a new range to bounce in, then its showtime.

I Love B but unless you have truly earned your stripes and have a bankroll always use stops

As for Bitcoin. We broke that dreaded 78XX resistance now testing the 84XX. That’s a very good sign, it looks strong and I am bullish. If you missed Bitcoin don’t chase a pump and don’t fomo. Look at alts or wait for a dip.

Again, I am sticking with my chart, this is how I think this plays out. In 6 months it won’t matter though because we will never see these levels again, so capitalize on this and secure your future.

Hope you all enjoyed this don’t forget to follow us to stay updated on The FUD and Whisky & Wicks, we have some great guests for this week. Also, don’t be a sheep and pay a premium, use Mine Digital for the best rates in Australia guaranteed. Mine Digital also has insured custody so don’t worry about your funds.

Please note this is not intended as financial advice. Always do your own research. The writer holds (and is biased towards) Bitcoin. The writer’s thoughts are his own and do not reflect those of Mine Digital.

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