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Digital Assets Split Direction on Risk-Off

July 24, 2020 • 
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Risk was taken out of markets overnight and defi projects followed. Bitcoin and Gold were bid and Ethereum continues to look strong.

Morning Traders,

Although we think that top-down intervention will stop a proper market sell-off, risk was taken off overnight and inflation also ticked up. Digital assets, especially decentralised finance projects, were sold with it.

Gold and Bitcoin were bid, although potentially still a little muted. Bitcoin may be forced to choose what it wants to be and gold could be doing its job in institutional portfolios at the moment.

In looking at the charts though, the two large-cap digital assets, Bitcoin and Ethereum have now both broken out of their resistance trend strongly and are being bid.


Bitcoin has traded higher, and is consolidating there. It might be a case of slowly creeping upto the critical $10k level while looking uncommitted the whole time, before everybody has to hit the exit at the same time.

It didn’t weaken with the risk off trade, which it had been, which is encouraging.

Bitcoin last traded at $9,614

24 hr high: $ 9,689

24 hr low: $ 9,453

Bitcoin USD Chart

Bitcoin Chart


As expected, Eth is the more volatile asset and is being bid very convincingly.

24 hr high: $ 280

24 hr low: $ 260

Ethereum USD Chart

Digital Assets

ChainLink and Tezos had buyers overnight while digital assets were quite weak by comparison, perhaps trading with risk assets overnight.

  • Aave: $ 0.285
  • Algorand: $ 0.328
  • Cardano: $ 0.1238
  • Chainlink: $ 7.87
  • Compound: $ 157.52
  • Maker: $ 529.16
  • Ren: $ 0.162
  • Reserve Rights: $ 0.0114
  • Stellar: $ 0.0982
  • Synthetix: $ 3.34
  • Tezos: $ 3.17

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